Pupil Voice

School Council

Our school council is made up of democratically elected representatives from each class.

Each class generally has two representatives who meet regularly with Miss Thompson to discuss ways of improving the school and any issues or ideas the pupils have in mind. It is an elected body and the representatives are given a genuine stake in decision making at our school.

When planning new whole school developments, the school council are consulted – their ideas, views and opinions are sought. The children’s views and their concerns are always taken very seriously. 

This year, we are focusing on improvements in and around our school, including how we can reduce our fuel use, how we can improve road safety around the site, and how we welcome new people to our school.

Faith Council

We are a group of pupils from across the school who meet to review the Church ethos of our School.

We think about what makes our School special as a Church School and how we can help one another to better live out our core Christian values. We do this in part by helping to plan and improve times of Collective Worship for the whole school community and prayers we hold throughout each day.

We meet regularly to review our ethos and what we learn in R.E. as well as how we nurture spirituality throughout the school day and the ways in which we help our local and wider communities. As well as helping to lead Collective Worship, we also observe and evaluate it and speak to different people about what could be improved.

We believe that everyone in School should be included in the way we celebrate, worship and pray so we always try to make sure everyone's different needs are met and that we share our work with parents, governors and the local Church.

Wellbeing Champions

We are a group of pupils from Years 5 and 6 who act as playground leaders and promote positive mental health around the school.

We also plan and organise a variety of activities and fundraising days which promote positive wellbeing for pupils and staff in our school.  We have embraced mental health awareness days and have developed wellbeing spaces where pupils can work in small groups.

We encourage everyone to have an awareness of those around them and suggest ways that wellbeing can be incorporated into everyday life.

We use the 10 steps to wellbeing as central to our work and lead Collective Worship sessions to explore these in more detail, including in hands-on practical ways.

House Captains

We have four house teams made up of pupils from each year group and staff. Each house is represented by a different coloured tractor. 

Each house has two representatives who meet regularly to discuss building community within and beyond our school. House captains are elected annually by their house teams following speeches and presnetations from each candidate. 

This year, each pair of house captains are planning an inter-house sports event as well as a non-sporting event. Thinking beyond the school community, we are fundraising for our link charity in Uganda where last year we funded a new school roof.