Curriculum Planning

2022-2023 Planning Cycle

Here you can see the overall themes for each half term for each class. 


Coneys Class (EYFS and KS1)

Autumn 1: The World around Me

Autumn 2: Celebrations

Spring 1: Weather and Climate

Spring 2: Toys over Time

Summer 1: Food and Farming

Summer 2:Under the Sea


Lamberts Class (lower KS2)

Autumn 1: Coasts

Autumn 2: Railways

Spring 1: Roman Empire

Spring 2: Roman Britain

Summer 1: Victorians

Summer 2: Mary Anning


Pilsdon Pen Class (upper KS2)

Autumn 1: Islands around the World

Autumn 2: Climate Emergency

Spring 1: Mexico

Spring 2: The Mayans

Summer 1: World War 1

Summer 2: World War 2