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2023-2024 Planning Cycle

Here you can see the overall themes for each half term for each class. These are generally based around the history, geography or science elements of the curriculum. Teachers plan carefully so that, where conducive to pupils’ learning, ideas and concepts are connected and taught in cross-curricular topics, while other subjects are taught discretely.

Coneys Class (EYFS and KS1)

Autumn 1: Home Sweet Home

Autumn 2: Our Wonderful World

Spring 1: Fire Fire

Spring 2: London

Summer 1: Our Local Area

Summer 2: Jurassic Coast

Lamberts Class (lower KS2)

Autumn 1: Stone Age to Iron Age

Autumn 2: Stone Age to Iron Age

Spring 1: Our Amazing Planet

Spring 2: Water of Life

Summer 1: Desert Regions

Summer 2: Ancient Egypt

Pilsdon Pen Class (upper KS2)

Autumn 1: Anglo-Saxons

Autumn 2: Vikings

Spring 1: North America

Spring 2: Fight for your Rights

Summer 1: Ancient Greece

Summer 2: Modern Greece


2022-2023 Planning Cycle

Coneys Class (EYFS and KS1)

Autumn 1: The World around Me

Autumn 2: Celebrations

Spring 1: Weather and Climate

Spring 2: Toys over Time

Summer 1: Food and Farming

Summer 2:Under the Sea

Lamberts Class (lower KS2)

Autumn 1: Coasts

Autumn 2: Railways

Spring 1: Roman Empire

Spring 2: Roman Britain

Summer 1: Victorians

Summer 2: Mary Anning

Pilsdon Pen Class (upper KS2)

Autumn 1: Islands around the World

Autumn 2: Climate Emergency

Spring 1: Mexico

Spring 2: The Mayans

Summer 1: World War 1

Summer 2: World War 2